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Gone are those days when cruise vacations used to be exclusive to the super-rich. In the past 20 years, the cruise has become an attractive way to spend your vacation in absolute luxury and self-indulgence.

Since cruises have become more popular today, you can find various cruise lines that allow you to have an grand experience without spending too much.

5 Best Luxurious Cruise Lines for the Best Holiday Cruise Deal

Read on to learn about the best cruise lines to save money that are luxurious and affordable at the same time.

1. Royal Caribbean International

Regarding getting the best cruise for the money, Royal Caribbean is among the options for a family vacation. It boasts a huge fleet of over 25 ships dedicated to offering a premium experience. You will also get kids-friendly entertainment activities to keep the little ones engaged.

Find the unique features of Royal Caribbean below.

  1. Special attractions – Kids sail for free, last-minute exclusive deals
  2. Destinations – Bahamas, Alaska, Mexico
  3. Cost – Starting from approximately $218 per person

2. Princess Cruises

This cruise line has one of the most affordable rates that you can get. It helps you enjoy a luxurious vacation without putting a dent in your wallet. Princess Cruises have more than 15 ships sailing to some of the most iconic places around the globe. Princess is best for couples and travelers looking for popular destinations.

Check out the features of Princess Cruises below.

  1. Special Attractions – Anytime dining facility, free internet
  2. Destinations – Alaska, Europe, Canada
  3. Cost – Starting from approximately $138 per person

3. MSC Cruises

MSC has some of the youngest vessels among its competitors. Its exuberant collection of cruise ships offers high-tech ultramodern onboard amenities. Be it for a trip with the entire family or a romantic gateway with your special one. This is the best cruise for the money.

Find below the unique features of MSC Cruises.

  1. Special Attractions – State-of-the-art entertainment options, world cuisine
  2. Destinations – Mediterranean, Northern Europe, South America
  3. Cost – Starting from approximately $99 per person

4. Celebrity Cruises

As the name suggests, this cruise line offers a one-of-a-kind lifetime experience. You can choose from several categories of cabins and staterooms that match your vibe. Here, you can opt for a personal retreat and experience a quaint time with your loved ones.

Here are the distinctive features of Celebrity Cruises.

  1. Special Attractions – All-inclusive packages, buy one get one offer
  2. Destinations – Europe, Canada, Caribbean
  3. Cost – Starting from approximately $230 per person

5. Carnival Cruises

Carnival has one of the most extensive fleets of cruise ships in America. It offers 25 luxurious vessels that promise a lavish vacation. This family-friendly cruise line keeps it classy and provides several activities to get the best cruise for the money. It is a good option if you want to travel with young children.

Find below the unique features of Carnival Cruises.

  1. Special Attractions – SkyRide tours, Waterworks water sports zone
  2. Destinations – Caribbean, North America, South America
  3. Cost – Starting from approximately $159 per person

Final Note

With these cruise lines to save money, an affordable trip is no longer a dream but a reality. As there are so many options, you should always consider the amenities you are getting with your booking.

While some packages may seem cheaper upfront, consider choosing a bundle that includes food and drinks. This reduces your overall expenses so you can maximize your vacation.

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