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Celebrity Flora is a unique addition to Celebrity Cruises. The all-suite, luxurious mega yacht Celebrity Flora cruise ship is an expedition cruise ship owned by the famous cruise line Royal Caribbean Group. The ship is operated by Islas Galapágos Turismo y Vapores, C.A. Celebrity Flora is specifically built for grand trips to the renowned Galapagos Island.

Galapagos Island is famous for its rich flora and fauna. From iguana to the giant tortoise, Galapagos Island offers the world an enriched collection of the most varied species of mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, and others. An exclusive cruise through the untamed wilderness of Galapagos Island could be the perfect medicine for your hectic schedule. Sit on the Deck of the Celebrity Flora, enjoy the grand view of the island, and relish a vacation that offers you the ultimate royalty.

Celebrity Flora started its voyage in June 2019. The ship can accommodate 100 passengers in this 333-foot-long vessel. Designed to make every moment of your journey memorable, Celebrity Flora hosts a bunch of activities. Here is a brief guide to Celebrity Flora activities that will embellish the ecstasy of your luxurious voyage.

A Guide to Celebrity Flora Cruise Ship Activities

The long list of top 5 things to do on Celebrity Flora Cruise Ship will blow your mind. So buckle up as the much-anticipated segment on bucket-list moments on Celebrity Flora is about to commence!

1. Stay close to nature

You will never get a grand opportunity like this to stay close to nature. All the rooms on Celebrity Flora are outward-facing. So, you can enjoy the seamless sea and vast wilderness from the comforts of your room. These rooms are categorized into penthouse suites, royal suites, ultimate sky suites with infinite veranda, premium sky suites with veranda, and sky suites with infinite veranda. From the room, you can witness aquatic life. For instance, you will have a magnificent view of the whales throwing water up to the sky in their typical manner.

Sea lions are some of the major attractions for naturalists and photographers. The colorful iguanas and giant tortoises are also two massive crowd-pullers. These animals are quite friendly as well! So, you can go up close with them and become truly wild!

For your safety and awareness, Celebrity Flora engages several Galapagos Island naturalists who will take you to the most photogenic places, close to the native wildlife. If you are a wildlife photographer, this trip could be a dream come true moment for you.

2. Take a tour of the Naturalist’s Lounge

The Naturalist’s Lounge is a major attraction of Celebrity Flora Cruise Ship. The ship offers some exquisite firsthand knowledge about the wildlife of the Galapagos. However, the Naturalist’s Lounge is a small library-cum-demonstration arena where you will meet 11 guides on board. Every one of them specializes in different fields, such as marine life, geology, environmental laws, etc. You can enrich yourself in the Naturalist’s Lounge after a decent breakfast.

You can pick up some great photography tips at the Science Lab on Deck 3. You can spend an afternoon looking at different types of sand through a microscope or study the ancient lives on the earth, zooplankton, and phytoplankton. Grab a sea binocular in the evening and look at the dark fringes of the Galapagos Islands National Park.

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3. Treat yourself to local delicacies

On Deck 7 of Celebrity Flora, you will come across a small food-tasting corner, Ocean Grill. It would help if you visited this place once to taste the local cuisines prepared by the chefs on board. Take a few delicious bites and then grab a drink from the Ocean Grill before you slip into the next chamber on the same Deck, the Observatory. The Observatory is a closed enclosure covered by glass, ideal for viewing the clear night sky.

4. Be a part of eco-friendly entertainment

Unlike most cruise ships, Celebrity Flora is quite aware of its destination. Galapagos Island is a treasure trove of fauna and flora; Celebrity Flora refrains from loud lounge parties and noisy gatherings. However, you are not estranged from entertainment here. You can be a part of a piano or a pan flute recital at Vista Deck. The sad music slowly transcends you to the world of ecstasy. A silent late-night disco is the perfect ending to an eventful day on the Galapagos Island.

Apart from that, you have pools and cabanas on Celebrity Flora to get refreshed. The Sunset Lounge is a decent place to take a plunge in the cold water. There is a hot water tub on the 7th Deck. It is highly recommended to get a detailed deck plan for your convenience.

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5.  Introduce your kid to the wildlife

Discovery hosts a bunch of activities on Celebrity Flora to create awareness about wild animals on Celebrity Flora. Your kid will like these presentations as the demos are targeted to reach infants as well. The cruise ship offers various labs and observatories to introduce little children to the environment. Celebrity Flora contributes to the greater cause of saving nature by implementing solar panels, anchor-less harboring (to avoid erosion of the sea bed), and many other features. Please take a tour around the ship with the kids and empower them to become sensible citizens of the world.

Final thoughts — Celebrate an extravagant vacation on Celebrity Flora

A voyage through the Galapagos Islands on the Celebrity Flora or a few romantic evenings on Baltra Island may be the holiday of a lifetime for you! Celebrity Flora brings you exciting features along with the essence of adventure to one of the most famous islands. Galapagos, the very land where Charles Darwin sailed once, awaits you. Embrace the opportunity with Celebrity Flora today! Visit CruiseBooking.com and reserve your spot on the Celebrity Flora for this wonderful journey.

Cruise booking experts are ready to assist you with reservations and other formalities. Let them take the onus of your voyage while you sit back and plan the trip in detail. To participate in Celebrity Flora activities, request a deck plan beforehand. Do not miss spending a couple of hours in the amazing Celebrity Flora hot tubs. Grab the opportunity of a lifetime with https://book-cruise-online.com/!

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