Places For Sports Fishing In South America

With a long coastline on the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans, there is no shortage of fishing spots in South America. What’s more, you will come across an abundance of freshwater fish in the rivers. The Amazon region and the Guianas have been exploited for food since the earliest times.

Here you will find all the information you need to know about the 5 best places for sports fishing in South America.

5 Must-Visit Places for Sports Fishing in South America

As a game fisher, you will find a variety of options in this region. In Tierra Del Fuego, you will find sea trout. In contrast, you’ll find massive wild rainbows in Jurassic Lake, and along central Patagonia, you will come across wild brown trout.

The following sections will cover the top-rated places in South America for sports fishing across different countries:

1. Chile

Located about 700 km from Santiago, Araucanía is quite famous for being a favorite place for recreational fishing. Especially Pucón and Caburga, where the Licura River flows, are two places that make for busy fishing spots.

You can also visit the Biological Reserve of Huilo Huilo for a perfect location of outstanding scenic beauty and multiple lagoons to fish in. This place carries a sense of calm and tranquility.

On visiting Puerto Varas, you will come across the Petrohué River, where there is a large population of wild trout.

2. Peru

Fish has always been an integral part of Peru’s cuisine and culture. When talking about the Amazon region of Peru, there’s a great variety of aquatic biodiversity in this region.

To partake in deep-sea fishing, explore Northern Peru. Here you will find the perfect spots to spend your time fishing as the warm currents (Nino) and cold currents (Humboldt) converge around this region.

Most fishermen go even further north towards Mancora, Punta Sal, and Los Organos, as they can find large marlins there. Specifically, during the months of June and July, one can spot the Striped Marlin, and around August, September, and October, there is the Black Marlin.

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3. Venezuela

When considering the 5 best places for sports fishing in South America, Venezuela is a must-visit destination for deep-sea fishers. Fishing enthusiasts travel to the La Guaira bank, where they get to fish blue and white marlin. Here, one can also find multiple colorful freshwater predators like the Payara, peacock bass, and many more.

Another exciting destination that you must visit for sport fishing in Los Roques. The vibe of this place is absolutely immaculate. The fishing community here thrives off the seas encompassing the archipelago, which are swarming with wide varieties of fishes.

4. Guyana

Upon visiting Guyana, you will get a chance to explore the Essequibo River, which is quite a great spot to find lots of freshwater fish.

This region falls under the off-the-grid kind of tourist spot, so it’s calm, quiet, and perfect for those who want to relax and fish. You can spend your day learning new fishing skills from indigenous guides for a memorable experience.

Fishes like Arawana, Pacu, Peacock Bass, Leopard Fish, large Payara, and Tropical Pike can be found in abundance. Other fishes like Lau Lau, Jau, and Red Tailed catfish can also be spotted.

5. Argentina

Fishing opportunities in Argentina are endless. In the Rio Grande and Rio Gallegos, there is an astonishing amount of sea trout fishing opportunities, unlike any other place in the world.

Generally, the fishes here weigh around 20 lbs, and coming across fishes weighing 30 lbs is not a rare occurrence. From Dorado, Tararira, King Salmon, Atlantic King Salmon, Sea Trout, and Steelheads, you will find a variety of unique fishes in the water bodies of Patagonia.

If you are still unsure about how to travel to these places, you can book a cruise to Argentina via the cruise website.

Parting Thoughts

If you have the inclination to go for an extended fishing trip, you won’t find a better place to fulfill that dream. South America will offer you a variety of species and beautiful sceneries.

Don’t forget to check out the above-stated 5 best places for sports fishing in South America for your trip.

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