To Book Or To Not Book Balcony Stateroom

Imagine waking up basking in the sun, with the crashing sounds of waves playing music to your ears and all you want to do is stretch your arms out and enjoy the expansive ocean in the privacy of your room. Amazing, right? In order to have this experience in the real life, you need to book a balcony state cruise. Notably, balcony staterooms are portals to a private outdoor enclosure with the ocean stretching out for miles before you as you sip on your morning tea and breathe in the salty breeze that brushes against your face without having to step onto the crowded deck.

Why Balcony Staterooms Are Worth the Money?

1. Ocean view

Undeniably the best reason for you to book a balcony stateroom is the view of the ocean. Balcony staterooms which are also known as veranda rooms offer stunning views without encroaching on your privacy. Whether it is a romantic getaway that you are planning or you just like some extra space for yourself, balcony staterooms are opulent and unmatched in the amenities they lay out before you.

Start your day with yoga while the sun rises, watch seagulls circling the ship, plan a tempting dinner for two, stargaze or observe marine life swimming away in glory, balcony staterooms definitely make all of it worth the money.

2. Say no to motion sickness

Motion sickness is pretty common when cruising. What better way to deal with it than having a balcony where you can get some fresh air and not stay cooped up inside? The sliding doors balcony staterooms offer allow you to access fresh air even if you want to rest your head on the pillow and let your body lose for a while.

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3. Best for claustrophobics

If you are claustrophobic, then balcony staterooms are your best bet. Unlike the other rooms available on cruises, balcony staterooms are spacious, well-lit and airy with plenty of room for you to get your fresh air and not feel suffocated.

4. Stay away from the crowd

If you are someone who loves his/her private space and doesn’t do well with crowds, then booking a balcony stateroom is a must. It gives you the view and serenity that you need without compromising on the calm and quiet.

5. Go past whales and dolphins

Even though it is uncertain, balcony staterooms increase your chances of catching dolphins and whales swimming past the ship. It gives you access to viewing marine life at your convenience without having to fight for a spot on the deck. It’s an incredible experience that surely makes up for the money you spend on the room.

By and Large

Balcony staterooms offer you an experience that is exponentially better than your average inside and ocean view rooms. Indisputably, staying on a balcony stateroom cruise is an experience of a lifetime. So, why wait? Make your cruise booking now with the cruise website.

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