Celebrity Equinox Cruise Ship

For all water lovers, there is no experience like the one on a cruise, and what better than booking a Celebrity Equinox cruise ship to create memories while having the best time? The cruise ship is packed with activities for all age groups, making it a complete package for solo and family trips. Under Celebrity cruises, this is the second on the list for the Solstice-class ships and was the first to witness the captaincy of an American woman Kate McCue.

Regarding the capacity of the cruise ship, it can hold up to 2850 passengers with 1250 crew members in one go. The Celebrity Equinox is divided into 19 decks and the length of the cruise is 1041 feet. To keep up with the brand name of Celebrity Cruises, the top things to do Celebrity Equinox while onboard will surely provide you with multiple options to explore and to make the most out of your next cruise vacation.

List of Top things to do on Celebrity Equinox

Booking the cruise ship of your choice is the first step but knowing how to maximize your experience, learn, and have some quality alone time is the right way to proceed. As one of the top choices for cruise booking, the following list of things to do on Celebrity Equinox will help you plan and enjoy better.

#1 Soak the sun up with chilled cocktails

There is nothing as enticing as a chilled glass of your favorite cocktail by the corner of the pool or the terrace of the ship to soak in the scenic views without a care in the world. Enjoy the views at the Solstice Deck or Sky Observation Lounge to get the best of both worlds. For a more casual mood, you can also soak up the sun at the Lawn Club.

#2 Try your luck at the casino

The adrenaline rush of testing your luck, while enjoying your favorite drinks and placing bets with your friends or family members is unmatched. So, if you like the thrill of betting and winning, you can go to the casino and try your luck in a fashionable yet comfortable manner. The Fortune’s Casino easily tops the list of top things to do on Celebrity Equinox for all the card game buffs.

#3 An activity choice for everyone

If you are an art fanatic, you can explore the thought-provoking, culturally rich, and refined Art Gallery as one of the top Celebrity Equinox things to do. Enjoy a round of diverse card games at the Card Room onboard for a carefree time with a group of people. Additionally, for watching movies or musical performances in a casual atmosphere, you can visit Celebrity Central or Celebrity Theater. These two spots on the cruise ship attract the maximum audience.

#4 Go solo for a quiet book reading

All trips do not have to include extravagant explorations and at Celebrity Equinox we recognize the need for some peace and alone time. So, enjoy the calmness at the Library or the Patio on the Lawn where all book lovers find their personal corners to immerse deep into their favorite books.

#5 Let the kids have their fun

Last but not the least, out of all the top things to do on Celebrity Equinox, there is something for kids too. To spoil the kids and keep them distracted with games and classes, Celebrity Equinox offers multiple entertainment options for kids including the supervised fun sessions at Fun Factory, Arcade for the young gamers, XClub for the new teens to explore new age entertainment, and ShipMates for the toddlers to have a good time.

Add the fun factor to your next cruise trip with Celebrity Equinox!

To help you make the perfect itinerary for when you book with Celebrity Equinox, this list of top 5 things to do on Celebrity Equinox will come in handy. However, for a seamless booking experience, you can book your trip with Celebrity Equinox at https://book-cruise-online.com/

Along with a professional support team available 24/7, you can plan a wonderful experience through them while also exploring other crew ship options per your requirement. Book your cruise trip today and capture moments of utmost fun and pleasure with Celebrity Equinox.

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